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Anti-bacterial Product Trends and Test Procedures


Anti-bacterial Product Trends and Test Procedures

Trends of Anti-bacterial Products :

Microorganisms are close related to the lives of each human being. From minor things like body odor to significant effects such as one’s health state. For example, according to the WHO statistics in 1995, bacterial infections caused the death of approximately 17 million people in the world, accounting for one-third of global deaths. In 1996, Japan had the world's worst food poisoning incident, the source of the infection is Escherichia Coli 0157:H7. The 17,000 people were infected and 13 died in the event. Women are often repeatedly infected with Candida albicans. The super bacteria and air-conditioning diseases we face today are closely related to microorganisms.

As the public becomes more focused on health, various anti-bacterial are made available and are receiving much attention, such as chop boards, cleaning liquid, fibers, masks, tiles, sanitary pads, hand sanitizers, UV lights, photocatalyst lamps, etc. Relevant products are being diversely developed.

Anti-bacterial Test Procedures : 

The anti-bacterial test is the assessment of the test substances’ ability to inhibit or kill microorganisms. The test materials are adjusted according to various applications. The anti-bacterial test mainly consists of five steps.

  1. Sample preparation: cleaning and sterilization.
  2. Test strain preparation: activate bacterial strain and preparation of test strain suspension solution.
  3. Test strain inoculation: conduct the inoculation of the bacterial solution and culture condition according to the specified method.
  4. Detection: detect the amount of residual bacteria in the study group and control group.
  5. Anti-bacterial assessment: calculate anti-bacterial efficacy from the quantity of the residual bacteria.



To kill or to remove all microorganisms
To kill bacteria
SanitizationEliminate specific pathogenic microorganisms, does not kill all microorganisms
Removal of microorganisms
Inhibit or prevent the proliferation of specific microorganisms
BacteriostaticInhibit or prevent the proliferation of microorganisms
Mildew resistantInhibit the growth or reproduction of molds
AntisepticInhibit the growth or reproduction of microorganisms



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