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Seeing that the coronavirus has been ravaging the world for over two years causing an uncontrolled pandemic, Mr. Tsai, the founder of Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd., has decided to contribute over 50 years of my experiences accumulated in the textile and dyeing business to develop anti-bacterial and bacterial-resistant equipment and manufacturing process - Metz-Tex technology, and was able to obtain a patent for novel inventions in December 2021 from Taiwan.

"Metz-Tex"  is a new manufacturing design and production system that consists of novel manufacturing equipment, formulation and application for an anti-static, anti-UV, anti-bacterial, and water-proof, multi-functional fabric. The production system for the multi-functional fabric is composed of fabric insertion devices, multi-chamber processing cavities, steam supply devices, formulation transportation devices, automation devices, and fabric winding devices.

"Metz-Tex"  is regarded as a revolutionary anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic technology of the century for the global textile industry, allowing fabrics to maintain anti-bacterial and bacterial resistance even after more than 50 wash cycles to inhibit and neutralize bacterial and viral activities in the environment.

Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd. has obtained Taiwan's Anti-bacterial Seal (for anti-bacterial processed general purpose textiles, anti-bacterial processed medical purpose textiles, mildew-resistant textiles) and SEK Certificates(Four Items). 



  Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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