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Technical Features of Metz-Tex


Technical Features of Metz-Tex
Anti-bacterial, Deodorizing, Anti-static, Energy-saving, Carbon-reduction

Metz-Tex contains silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions, their functions are described below:
  • Silver ion : The silver ions in the fibers can effectively inhibit the propagation of the bacteria in sweat. Silver has the highest electric conductivity which can be used to eliminate or minimize static electricity to achieve an anti-static effect.
  • Copper ion : Strong anti-bacterial property with over 99% bactericidal effect.
  • Zinc ion : Together with silver ion can remove the odor from ammonia and degraded proteins to achieve an extended anti-bacterial and odor-resistant effect.
  • Titanium ion : Liquified titanium has a bacteriostatic and anti-bacterial effect, and can enhance human immunity.

Metz-Tex Saves Energy and Reduces Carbon Emission
The functional ions produced from the Metz-Tex process bind tightly with the heated matrix in combination with time transportation in the closed environment of the process cavity.

The closed environment and steam transportation in the process cavity allows the functional ions produced from the Metz-Tex processing equipment to generate preset pressure.
Compared to the traditional dipping and coating process, fabric produced through the Metz-Tex processing has better wash resistance, allowing the ions to remain in the processed fabric regardless of repeated wash cycles or external factors, to interfere with the functions of the fabric.

For better convenience and precision in equipment control and operations, Metz-Tex employed detailed technical features such as detection device or directional structure to verify temperature and pressure at any time. They optimize processing condition by improving the equipment operations reliability and product quality with better control of the service gate and the process cavity pressure, thus, providing more convenience and better stability during fabric transfer.

The implementation of the detection device or directional structure design allows verification and limited control of the temperature and pressure at any time and also greatly reduces the need for heat sources used in traditional dipping and coating processing: such as steam, and electricity. In turn, the need for heat, water, and electricity is reduced by 50~70%, which in turn lowers energy needs, reduces energy costs, and minimizes carbon dioxide emission to alleviate global energy shortage; an environment-friendly manufacturing technique.



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