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Besides anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic functions, Metz-Tex may be used for after-finishing functional demands: anti-UV, water-resistant, moisture-absorbing, and quick-drying fabrics. The functional ions form secured and tight bonds with the fibers. This allows the fabric to have excellent functions while withstanding wash cycles and can be applied to most fabrics and daily life situations.

Wide Range of Applications :
  1. Anti-bacterial garments, masks, patient uniforms and hospital fabrics.
  2. Children and elderly (mother-child products, long-term care industry).
  3. Household products (home decorations, bedding, hotel industry).
  4. Construction: wallpapers, screens (mesh).
  5. Air-conditioning equipment: various air filters.
  6. Transportation: interior decorations for aircrafts, automobiles, public transportations.
  7. Pets: beddings, clothing.
  8. Religion: prayer rug.
  9. Outdoor clothing: sportswear, jogging pants.

Healthcare Industry
Protective garments, masks, patient uniforms and hospital beds


Children and Elderly (mother-baby products, seniors, and the long-term care industry)
Baby cloths, hats, baby seats, aprons, handkerchiefs, bed sheets, undergarments, cloths
Home Goods (home furnishings, beddings, hotel industry) 
Towels, socks, shoe insoles, shoe linings, undergarments, casual wears, work cloths, medical gowns, bedding sets


Wallpapers, screens, mesh, curtains
Various air filters

Interior decorations for aircrafts, automobiles, public transportations
Car seats, air-condition filters


Pet Products
Bedding, Clothing...

Religious Supplies
Prayer mats

Outdoor Clothing
Sportswear, jogging pants

Greatly improves durability, quality, use life, and end-use. Cater to world fashion trends to satisfy the ultimate goal of a multi-functional fabric (universality, versatility, differentiation, international competitiveness, value-adding).



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