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About Metz-Tex
The pandemic that started in 2020 forced many to pay attention to health protection products. Textiles with added values such as anti-bacterial properties became more popular.

“Metz-Tex” is an equipment and manufacturing process for anti-bacterial fabric. It is a novel and revolutionary bacteriostatic and anti-bacterial processing technology for the global textile dyeing and finishing industry. The anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic functions of Metz-Tex processed fabric remain effective even after over 50~100 wash cycles, which ward off and annihilate bacteria and viruses in the environment.

The introduction of Metz-Tex patented technology and equipment in 2021 brought new applications of anti-bacterial materials to the textile industry.



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DG Taiwan 2024
Invitation!!DG Taiwan 2024CHAR WIE Dye-Free Towels vs. Metz-Tex Joint ExhibitionDate : April 18, 2024 (Thursday) toApril 21, 2024 (Sunday)Time : 9:30 AM to 5:30 PMAdd. : Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall (World Trade Center Hall 1) | No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Taipei CityBooth : D0409(Map)Reference Site :https://www.giftionery.net/....You are cordially invited by CHAR WIE Dye-Free Towels Metz-Tex

"Metz Tex" of Metz Enterprise Co.,Ltd and Ningxia Night Market Collaborate
On November 27, 2023, Metz Tex , a subsidiary of Metz Enterprise Co.,Ltd , officially signed a memorandum of cooperation with the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" of Ningxia Night Market, marking the beginning of an exciting partnership. Metz Tex became a sponsor of the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" event, providing the event staff with round-necked T-shirts that have antibacterial, deodorizing, and mildew-resistant properties.As a company specializing in nanotechnology research and application, "Metz Tex" has been committed to developing innovative products and applying them in various fields. This collaboration with the"CHIEN SUI FEAST" of Ningxia Night Market is an important breakthrough for "Metz Tex" in the event industry.According to the content of the memorandum of cooperation, "Metz Tex" will provide the event staff with round-necked T-shirts that have antibacterial, deodorizing, and mildew-resistant properties. This technological innovation effectively inhibits bacterial growth, eliminates odors, and provides protection against mildew, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment during the event.The"CHIEN SUI FEAST" is one of the most representative events of the Ningxia Night Market, attracting a large number of participants and visitors every year. With the addition of "Metz Tex" , the"CHIEN SUI FEAST" will be infused with more innovative elements and high-quality services. This collaboration will bring a better experience to the staff and provide a more comfortable and safe environment for the staff and the diners. It also showcases the advantages and expertise of "Metz Tex" in antibacterial, deodorizing, and mildew-resistant technologies.Mr. Mu-Chun Tasi, the Chairman of Metz Enterprise Co.,Ltd, expressed great honor in reaching a cooperation agreement with the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" of Ningxia Night Market and will fully support the smooth progress of the event. "Metz Tex" believes that through mutual efforts, this collaboration will inject new vitality into the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" and become a memorable event.The organizers of the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" have high expectations for this collaboration. They believe that the technology of "Metz Tex" will create a better environment for the event, enhance the comfort and satisfaction of the participants. At the same time, this collaboration will also bring more exposure and opportunities to Metz Tex Nano Plant, further promoting its brand development and leading position.The collaboration between the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" of Ningxia Night Market and "Metz Tex" will provide participants with a more secure, healthy, and enjoyable event experience. We look forward to the success and brilliance of this collaboration, believing that the "CHIEN SUI FEAST" will shine even brighter as a result.Related links:Ningxia Night Market Official Website:https://www.xn--yes-897eo9j.taipei/Ningxia Night Market Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057620284780

2023台灣創新技術博覽會 D05 碩元 蔡木春董事長(111年國家發明創作獎銀牌得主)

Celebrating the inauguration of Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd. new office !
Dear friends,We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating the official inauguration of Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd. new office. This is a special moment where we will showcase our brand-new workspace and provide an excellent opportunity for networking and building partnerships.In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability and to ensure convenience for our guests, we have decided to forgo traditional floral arrangements and celebrate this important occasion in an eco-friendly manner.Here are the event details:Date: Tuesday, July 25thTime: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PMLocation: No. 16, Zhongshan Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei CityDuring the event, we will showcase our new office environment and offer an open house visit, allowing you to have a deeper understanding of our business and services. This will be an excellent opportunity for networking with industry peers and potential collaborators. We believe that such interactions will contribute to our collective growth and prosperity.

碩元奈米植 獲國家發明創作獎

Highlights of the 112th Ministry of Economic Affairs' Joint Awards Ceremony for Industrial Innovation Achievements.

Highlights of the 112th Ministry of Economic Affairs' Joint Awards Ceremony for Industrial Innovation Achievements.(112.05.15)

Joint Award Ceremony for Industrial Innovation Achievements by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the 112th Year
"Innovation" is the driving wheel of the era, and "change" is the key to creating excellence. Over the years, our department has established industry innovation benchmarks through the selection of prestigious innovation awards. This aims to gather innovative energy from industry, academia, and research, and promote the national industrial competitiveness. Therefore, our department is joining hands with the "8th National Industrial Innovation Award" and the "111th National Invention and Creation Award" to host the grand "112th Ministry of Economic Affairs Industry Innovation Achievement Joint Awards Ceremony," to acknowledge and recognize the efforts and contributions of the industry, academia, and research community in industrial innovation. We welcome everyone to share the glory of the 89 award winners and applaud together for the innovation and growth of Taiwan's industries.

Conference on Net Zero Carbon Emission Air Filtration Technology and Applications.
The "Conference on Net Zero Carbon Emission Air Filtration Technology and Applications" is organized by Anzhou Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. and co-hosted by Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd. The event will take place on May 19, 2023 (Friday) from 13:30 to 17:00.Online registration can be done at the following website: https://myppt.cc/AUgxM

2023 Barrier Free 28th International Medical Elderly Care and Health Care Equipment Exhibition,on-site event(2023/04/19)

2023 Barrier Free 28th International Medical Elderly Care and Health Care Equipment Exhibition
INTEX Osaka, Japan/Booth 4-228, in Hall 4 / April 19, 2023 - April 21, 2023The largest exhibition in western Japan for nursing, welfare, medical care, and caregivers.Promoting further cooperation between nursing and medical care to meet the needs of comprehensive community care.By jointly holding exhibitions such as the Barrier-Free Expo, Chronic Care Expo, Nursing Future Expo, and Home Medical Care Expo, it aims to facilitate cooperation among a wide range of nursing, welfare, and medical professionals and create business opportunities.

The National Invention and Creation Award 2022 won the "Silver Medal of Creation Award"
The National Invention and Creation Award recognizes creative endeavors and acknowledges the inventive contributions of its awardees. This year's (2023) winners, 43 outstanding entries in total, have just been announced . Among the winners were 6 gold and 20 silver medals in the invention category, as well as 6 gold and 11 silver medals in the creation category.The Chairman MR.Mu-Chun Tasi of the company won the silver medal of the Creation category.

Taiwan Functional Textile Certificate - Water Repellency Textiles
Taiwan Functional Textile Certificate -Water Repellency TextilesType and Grade :Type I , Original Grade=100, After 20 Washed Grade=90, Durable Water Repellent Textiles

2022 TITAS Taipei International Textile & Apparel Show, on-site event (October 14, 2022)

“Metz-Tex “by Metz Enterprise Co.,Ltd has obtained certification from Taiwan Functional Textiles.
“Metz-Tex “by Metz Enterprise Co.,Ltd has obtained certification from Taiwan Functional Textiles for Antibacterial Textiles for General Use, Antibacterial Textiles for Medical Use, and Antifungal Textiles properties. This new patented technology was exhibited at the Taipei Textile Exhibition and applied to mask fabric. After testing by SGS, the reduction rate of bacteria was greater than 99.9%. -Economic Daily News, Meng Qingyu

2022 TITAS Taipei International Textile & Apparel Show, on-site event(2022/10/13)

2022 TITAS Taipei International Textile & Apparel Show, on-site event
Event photos for 2022 TITAS Taipei International Textile Garment Machinery Exhibition.

2022 TITAS Taipei International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition
Sincerely invite all the industry leaders, the 2022 TITAS Taipei Textile Exhibition is about to start, and Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd. will also participate in this grand event this year with "Metz-Tex Nanoplant".

We will be showcasing our latest technology, Metz-Tex at NanGang Exhibition Center 1 in Taipei.
We would like to extend our warm invitation to you to visit our booth, N1025, at NanGang Exhibition Center 1 in Taipei, from Wednesday, October 12th to Friday, October 14th, 2022. Our company, Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd., will be showcasing our latest technology, Metz-Tex.We would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet with you in person and introduce our innovative products to you. Your presence would be an honor for us.Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to seeing you soon.Best regards,Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Non-woven Fabric Value Adding, Promotional Program” for Textile Related Industry Integration, 2022
“Non-woven Fabric Value Adding, Promotional Program” for Textile Related Industry Integration, 2022 Innovations and Applications for Non-woven Fabrics - Cycle and Value-adding SeminarTo assist the non-woven fabric industry to engage in sustainable development and promote green factories, companies are encouraged to enter from the perspective of international trends, social responsibilities, industrial competitions, and technological transformations, through sharing cases related to green design, low-carbon manufacturing processes, cleaner production technology, and green management system, to establish root energy in green innovation and progress towards the objective of promoting green factory.The present course includes sessions on the establishment of EGS sustainable management, discussion of waste regulations, waste management platform, and carbon estimation, to provide counseling and solutions on sustainable challenges that the companies face, turning “sustainability” into “competitiveness” and marketing opportunities. Please take this opportunity and register for the seminar.Time and location of the seminar 2022/07/29 (session time: total 12 hours)Adviser: Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic AffairsOrganizer: Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association

Metz-Tex Forms Anti-bacterial Alliance with the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre and Taiwan Bio-medical Care Association
The nanosized silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions used in Metz-Tex technology complement each other to provide enhanced anti-bacterial effect that may be applied in various textile products (Reported by Cheng-Yu Sun, Economics Daily News)Metz-Tex forms an anti-bacterial alliance with the Metal Industries Research Development Centre and Taiwan Bio-medical Care Association. The parties signed a collaboration memorandum on anti-bacterial technology and manufacturing marketing collaboration on July 13 where Metz-Tex’s technology will be applied in various fields. A series of innovative epidemic preventive products will be rolled out. An epidemic-prevention manufacturing and marketing ecology will be created to form an up-, mid-, and downstream supply chain collaboration for epidemic preventive fabrics, and contribute to global disease prevention. (Report and photograph by Cheng-Yu Sun, Economic Daily News) Media ReportsEconomic Daily News:https://money.udn.com/money/story/11799/6458552?from=edn_newestlist_cate_sidehttps://money.udn.com/money/story/11799/6458552China Times:https://turnnewsapp.com/ct-featured/267814.htmlCommercial Times:https://admin.ctee.com.tw/industrynews/technology/677700.htmlHinet Times:https://times.hinet.net/mobile/news/24021061TM News:https://www.tristarnews.com.tw/news_ii.html?ID=8155Sharp Daily:https://www.aplusnews.net/2022/07/13/93294/Sina:https://news.sina.com.tw/article/20220713/42197156.htmlYam Digital Technology:https://n.yam.com/Article/20220713876594LIFE:https://life.tw/?app=viewno=1647541Owlting:https://www.owlting.com/news/articles/126622MATCH:https://m.match.net.tw/pc/news/life/20220713/6655788

Press Conference for the Formation of Anti-bacterial Technology and Manufacturing-marketing Alliance
Press Conference for the Formation of Anti-bacterial Technology and Manufacturing-marketing AllianceOn 10AM, Wednesday, July 13, 2022At the Metal Industries Research Development Centre, 6F, No. 162-24, Sec. 3 Xinyi Road, TaipeiHolding “Press Conference for the Formation of Anti-bacterial Technology and Manufacturing-marketing Alliance”

The Eighth Meeting of the First Term Board of Supervisors and Consultants of Taiwan Bio-medical Care Association
The Eighth Meeting of the First Term Board of Supervisors and Consultants of Taiwan Bio-medical Care Association Chairman Mu-Chun Tsai attended the meeting for Taiwan Bio-medical Care Association on June 24, and was certified by the members.Secretariat :“The Eighth Meeting of the First Term Board of Supervisors and Consultants of the Committee” was convened at Yundong Homestay on June 24, and reached the following resolutions:1.) Refer to the meeting manual regarding the latest regulations and information from the Food and Drug Administration.2). Tour plan for the Association (location: Shanlin Creek). Members are welcome to drive to the location and meet at the set time.3.) Approval of two additional members: Apex Bio Corp. and Metz Enterprise Co., Ltd.4.) The following conventions for 2022 are reimbursed : “Taiwan International Medical Healthcare Expo”, “Florida International Medical Expo (FIME)”, “China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF, spring)”, and “Medtrade”.5.) The certified members included Chairman Mu-Chun Tsai, Chairman Chiu-Chiao Lin, Chairman Toshio Kanno, and Chairman Tien-Fu Lu.Chairman Mu-Chun Tsai also gave a speech during the meeting on novel sterilization technologies for post-pandemic period. Meeting Minutes of the Eighth Meeting of the First Term Board of Supervisors and Consultants of Taiwan Bio-medical Care Association

Mechanisms of Metz-Tex Anti-bacterial Properties
Anti-Bacterial Mechanisms of Metz-TexPeople have an increasing demand for additional functions of various products as technology advances and the quality of life increases. For example, besides basic functions, people hoped to expand or improve fabric functions. To allow for multiple functions, fabrics usually go through dipping, coating, or lamination processes to attach particles or ions with special functions to the fabric’s surface. For example, dissolving the particles or ions in solvents before dipping or spraying the solvents onto the fabric. Even though this method offers advantages in lower production costs and better manufacturing efficiency, the process cannot securely fix the particles or the ions on the fabrics. The particles or the ions would become easily detached by external forces or be rinsed away during wash cycles, temporarily impeding the function in a short time and significantly reducing fabric life.To address these issues, the inventor relied on years of experience in the industry conducting extensive studies and experiments to ultimately develop a processing equipment to produce the anti-bacterial Metz-Tex fabric and the other products that are durable and high in quality. When in contact with microorganisms, these special-processed, nanosized silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions in Metz-Tex would penetrate the cell membranes to bind the proteins inside the cells and cause irreversible damage. The metabolic process of the microorganisms is disrupted, which inhibits their growth and reproduction. The silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions are then released from the dead organisms and continue their long journey to kill more microorganisms. The silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions would destroy the common components when in contact with the microorganism or disrupt its functions. According to Coulomb force, when the traces of silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions are in contact with the cell membrane, the two forms a strong bond because of the negative charge the latter is carrying. The silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions would then penetrate the cell membrane to react with the thiol group in the proteins, causing it to coagulate. When cellular synthetase activity is disrupted, the cells cannot reproduce and then die. This indicates that the positively-charged nanosize silver, copper, zinc, and titanium ions contained in special-processed Metz-Tex fabric produced a “physical anti-bacterial” effect. The positive ions destroy cell membranes when in contact with bacteria to produce reactive oxygen species and annihilate cellular DNA to cause cell death.

Anti-bacterial Product Trends and Test Procedures
Anti-bacterial Product Trends and Test ProceduresTrends of Anti-bacterial Products :Microorganisms are close related to the lives of each human being. From minor things like body odor to significant effects such as one’s health state. For example, according to the WHO statistics in 1995, bacterial infections caused the death of approximately 17 million people in the world, accounting for one-third of global deaths. In 1996, Japan had the world's worst food poisoning incident, the source of the infection is Escherichia Coli 0157:H7. The 17,000 people were infected and 13 died in the event. Women are often repeatedly infected with Candida albicans. The super bacteria and air-conditioning diseases we face today are closely related to microorganisms.As the public becomes more focused on health, various anti-bacterial are made available and are receiving much attention, such as chop boards, cleaning liquid, fibers, masks, tiles, sanitary pads, hand sanitizers, UV lights, photocatalyst lamps, etc. Relevant products are being diversely developed.Anti-bacterial Test Procedures :The anti-bacterial test is the assessment of the test substances’ ability to inhibit or kill microorganisms. The test materials are adjusted according to various applications. The anti-bacterial test mainly consists of five steps.Sample preparation: cleaning and sterilization.Test strain preparation: activate bacterial strain and preparation of test strain suspension solution.Test strain inoculation: conduct the inoculation of the bacterial solution and culture condition according to the specified method.Detection: detect the amount of residual bacteria in the study group and control group.Anti-bacterial assessment: calculate anti-bacterial efficacy from the quantity of the residual bacteria. TermsDefinitionSterilizeTo kill or to remove all microorganismsBactericidalTo kill bacteriaSanitizationEliminate specific pathogenic microorganisms, does not kill all microorganismsDisinfectRemoval of microorganismsAnti-bacterialInhibit or prevent the proliferation of specific microorganismsBacteriostaticInhibit or prevent the proliferation of microorganismsMildew resistantInhibit the growth or reproduction of moldsAntisepticInhibit the growth or reproduction of microorganisms

Challenges Faced by the Human Beings
Vaccine Research and DevelopmentEvery nation invested a profuse amount of human and financial resources in vaccine development as the epidemic spreads. The goal is to minimize the damage to human life and put an end to the virus to restore normal life and operation.The huge disparity in global vaccination, unequal vaccine distribution, doubts about the vaccines, questioning the vaccination for the minor group, and whether the vaccine can stop the spread of the virus, these factors are preventing the world to reach herd immunity.“Herd immunity”, a.k.a. “community immunity”, is indirect protection against infectious disease. Such protection is formed when the immunity for the population is obtained through mass vaccination or prior infection of the disease. The medical field considered that at least 60% of the population in a country or region should have antibodies to form “community immunity”.A paper published in “Nature” claimed that it is unclear if the COVID-19 vaccine can protect people from infection or the spreading of the virus. The uncertainty casts a shadow over the efforts to achieve herd immunity.“Nature” quoted Shweta Bansal, a mathematical biologist at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., “Herd immunity is only relevant if we have a transmission-blocking vaccine. If we don’t, then the only way to get herd immunity in the population is to give everyone the vaccine. Vaccine effectiveness for halting transmission needs to be ‘pretty darn high’ for herd immunity to matter, and at the moment, the data aren’t conclusive”.At the same time, more focus has turned to long-term COVID symptoms, or “long COVID” in adult and minor patients.Long-term data is lacking as COVID virus appeared at the end of 2019 and the global epidemic didn’t start until the beginning of 2020. Current findings can only be based on small samples and short-term follow-up observations.Will the long-term COVID condition disappear itself? Will the patient recover? How long will the aftereffects last? These questions remain unanswered. One of the reports published “Lancet,” a world-renowned medical journal, in August 2021, stated that long COVID is the number one challenge in modern medicine.Long-term COVID conditions are COVID aftereffects. According to the clinical definition published by the World Health Organization in October 2021, the symptoms may occur in people who tested positive or were infected with the COVID-19 virus. The symptoms usually appear “three months from the onset of COVID-19 with symptoms and that last for at least 2 months and cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis”.There is no universally accepted standard on the length of time for “long-term.” A UK study claimed a 25-year follow-up period. More than 2 years have passed since the discovery of the COVID-19 virus. More time is needed for observation and the accumulation of relevant data.The UK medical guidance considered symptoms that continue well over 12 weeks and cannot be explained with other reasons should be considered as “long COVID.” These symptoms may include:Extreme tirednessShortness of breath, chest pain or tightnessMemory and concentration issues (“brain fog”)Changes in taste and smellJoint painThe symptoms, severity and medical history may differ from every individual. Currently, lethargy is one of the most common symptoms.Others include: muscle pain, hearing and visual disorders, headache, taste and smell disorder, damages to the heart, lungs and kidneys, loose stools, psychological issues including depression, anxiety, lack of concentration and absent-minded.In addition, vaccine research and inoculation speed need to catch up with virus mutation. From the Alpha variant in the UK, Beta variant in South Africa, Gamma variant in Brazil, and Delta variant in India, the virus because more infective as it mutates. The unknown effectiveness of current vaccines complicates the matter, which requires more study and time to solve.At this time, all we can do is prevent infection and vaccinate more people so the virus does not have a chance to mutate quickly. It is hard to know when and in what way the COVID-19 virus can be subdued so we can return to our normal lives.Learning to Live with the Virus PeacefullyThe only thing we can do is to learn how to live with the virus peacefully when we cannot eliminate the virus.The SARS epidemic caused chaos in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Canada, and made its mark in Taiwan’s history with nearly 800 mortalities. The epidemic was controlled in one year through strict isolation and preventive measures. History also tells us, that even though we are ravaged by infectious diseases from time to time, the world always creates opportunities to end the pandemic through the development of new technology, effective isolation, and transmission preventive measures.

2022 Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association "Textile-related Industry Integration Promotion Plan" event(2022/07/29)

Metz-Tex collaborates with "Metal Industries Research & Development Centre" and "Taiwan Biotechnology & Medical Care Devise Association" to form the Anti-bacterial Alliance(2022/07/13)

"Taiwan Biotechnology & Medical Care Devise Association" 1st 8th conference(2022/06/24)

Fabrics treated with Metz-Tex closely defend our surroundings.



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We understand the difficulties during the pandemic period, sluggish economy, and price hikes. Therefore, every step taken to overcome every obstacle is very important, which makes every peak, every best performance, and every conquest precious.


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Comprehensive defense
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 New trends in post-pandemic period

The general public has more than ever emphasized the importance of health. 
To defend against invisible viruses and bacterial, the top priority is to upgrade fabrics from personal garments to cleaning cloths around us for better protection.

During the outbreak, the visibility of Metz-Tex has increased significantly.
Metz-Tex has strong antibacterial and antibacterial effects,

It is widely used in the production of environmentally friendly cloth masks, close-fitting clothing, medical institutions and similar fabric facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes,

Become the front line of personal health function protection.

We expect more developments in the applications of Metz-Tex in the future to provide comprehensive defense from the inside out.






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